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When it comes to styling, then I have huge respect for guys (and gals) who are able to gracefully mix up pieces that are usually not considered parts of the same wardrobe. This creates some sense of tension that really seems to benefit an outfit. This tension is why I personally tend to seek mixing different wardrobes. Suits and sneakers, cut denim and penny loafers, and so on.  If you’re styling in a very unison manner, then you’ll never really achieve that tension that makes the outfit interesting. To me it’s not about making something perfect, but to perfect this tension – without overdoing it.

However, this little series of pictures are called POSH AND IT’S ANTIDOTE. It simply refers to mix of the somewhat posh penny loafer and the DIY cut off jeans. The penny loafer is a shoe you’d usually expect rich business men to wear, while the cut off jeans are as far away from that wardrobe as can be. I know sticking a title on it seems a little pretentious, but I really feel that it fits with the outfit. On one hand you have the posh shoes, and on the other hand the cut off jeans that makes the shoes more attainable, thus serving as an antidote for the posh factor.

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