Yesterday I blogged about the shoes that I’m holding on to as tight as I possibly can (read about it HERE), but the weather is changing and so should the wardrobe. Sure it’s been about 25C today (in Denmark), meaning that it actually feels like summer (for once!), but we’re approaching September and not before long then we have chilled mornings and evenings. The moment before the winter strikes us. This means that it’s time to put on just a few extra layers in the morning, and really get to practice your pre-fall layering outfit game.

The look that we’re talking today is super scandi chic and is perfect for the ease from high-summer to prefall. Basically it’s just very basic. If we start with the layering piece, then we’re talking a padded jacket from H&M in a cool deep aqua/green. Just a clean, minimalistic surface. For it not to become too sterile, then I added a bit of scruff. I Rolled up the sleeves as messy as I possibly could. Sometimes a clean look can look super chic, but for me there is a thing such as too clean and too perfect.

Beneath the jacket I wear just a plain white tee, some hybrid dress pants (elastic band at the waist) and some white kicks. They’re not really warm layers, but as said before, we’re just about to hit the transition and the first chills. So in order not to end up either chilled to the bone, nor feeling like fried chicken, well then you’ve got to practice your pre-fall layering outfit game. 😉

Lastly about the outfit we have accessories; sunglasses, bracelets, bracelets and bracelets. Simple but refined.

And one last note, notice the kicks on the last pic, they’re just gawd dayum incredible! I dunno what H&M had in mind when designing them, but I like white kicks, and I like these!

 PRE-FALL LAYERING OUTFIT PRE-FALL LAYERING OUTFITprefall-layering-7 PRE-FALL LAYERING OUTFITprefall-layering-8prefall-layering-9


Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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