Pre-Spring 21 ‘Solitude’ Studio shoot for Les Deux

Over the last two years a lot of my creative efforts – and countless work hours – has been spent with Les Deux. And while I have many outputs that I’d like to share from there, this one has become quite important to me. Within a set framework all cast, set design, photography and retouch was done by yours truly.

The idea behind the shoot was simple. Holiday appropriate, but understatedly cool. Whether it was pulled off or not, I’ll let you decide. But I’m happy(!) with it.

Talent & Team

Talent: Sofus Zadi, Photo, Retouch, Art Direction: Jon Grossert, Styling: Carl Würtz

The overall idea behind the collection is a mix of what you’d wear in the roaming the streets of NYC, and the essentials you’d keep in your upstate New York cabin; while adding a Scandinavian touch.

The collection itself is the Les Deux Pre-Spring 21 entitled ‘Solitude’. I kid you not, the collection was developed way before Corona #workfromhome was even a thing! The initial campaign shoot took place in Sweden, back in March. While kicking back after a few hard days of shoot we received the announcement that the country would slowly shot down; giving birth to the first #toiletpapershortage. But that shoot is a whole other story.

Shooting in studio is something a bit unfamiliar to me. My approach to photography has always been pragmatic and based on day light, and this is a whole other ball game. Nonetheless, the amount of creative possibilities a studio offers is limitless.

You can see more of my current work at @lesdeux over on Instagram or The Upcycled Collection here

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