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So this is a public service announcement, and it is all about your spring/summer wardrobe. It’s a quick guide on how you get that perfect, yeah-I-just-put-on-whatever-was-in-the-top-drawer kinda outfit. Where the Italian men are perfectly at the over the top, chic, dressed up look, the french are perfectly pulling off that kinda rugged on-the-go kinda look. But beware, every little detail on these men is made with exactly the same conscious purpose! From deciding on whether the shirt should be ironed or crumbled, scarf or no scarf and deciding on the exact amount of layers. To emphasise this I would urge you to take a look at the AMI Paris SS16 show. It’s nothing extraordinary at first glance, but so vividly well executed.

If you’re like the rest of us mere mortals, you probably cannot afford to go on a spending spree at such luxurious houses. But luckily, the fashion industry is at such a high pace, that similar designs can be found elsewhere. In this case Asos Mens Collection have put up some quite cool designs. Don’t get me wrong, I love high end, and there IS a difference in the matter of quality, but the most of us cannot afford it – all the time.

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Key Outfits From The Show

1. The White Knit and Dress Pants

This outfit is a definite favourite of mine! The slightly oversized fit and slim waist really makes wonders. Notice that the white sneaks are still here to stay.

Shop The Look at ASOS:
Knit (I’d recommend to go a size up, and tuck it in to pull this outfit off) / Trousers / Shoes / Belt / Bag





2. The Beige Houndstooth Suit With A Black Tee

This one will be a heavy influencer on my spring/summer wear! It’s great for a day at the office where you’re going to meet with the guys straight afterwards!

Shop The Look at ASOS
Suit / Tee / Belt / Shoes





3. That 50’s Reference

References to the 50’s are very popular. But if you donate wanna swing that Hawaii shirt, or hawaii printed bomber, go for a short sleeved shirt with some sort of motifs.

Shop The Look on ASOS:
Shirt / Belt / Trousers / Sneakers


I hope that you’ve now got some inspiration for your Spring and Summer 2016 wardrobe, because this is going to heavily influence my styling the next coming months.

Until next time!

Portrait De L’HOMME


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