Could you pull off this style move?

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This little style move can make people bend over backwards. For one of two reasons. Either they despise it, or they simple love it. Often it comes down to how it is pulled off! But what style move am I talking about? Any guesses? I’m talking about the tail of the tie being slightly longer than the blade (the broad end) of the tie. It may to some come across as sloppiness, while to others as sprezzatura.

Now hold on, sprezzatura? Sprezzatura is a term that is often referred to in the niche of traditional menswear. The basic meaning of the word is that something is carried out with carelessness, effortlessness or with nonchalance. Therefore when it comes to menswear, it refers to whenever something purposely isn’t done perfect. Whenever there is a little well composed flaw in an otherwise perfect outfit.

So if you ever see some guy in a perfect suit, where there is a detail that the traditional menswear book would disapprove of, then he might just be aware of this already. He might have composed this flaw on purpose.

Would you ever wear your tie like this? Or is this style move a no-go for you?

Ps. I personally found that when wearing a tie in this way, then a half windsor knot is sufficient.

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