Relaxed Dandy By The Mediterranean Sea


I like to mix up the traditional with the modern. It allows you to pick and choose which aspects of the two that you wish to rely on. For this look I matched up the mediterranean atmosphere of southern France, with a traditional styling that has yet a modern twist. Instead of the usual dress shirt and plain trousers I went for a slim t-shirt and printed pants. I’m such a big fan swapping the dress shirt for a t-shirt. It allows you to wear a more formal look in circumstances where it would usually be too dressy. The printed pants also calls for something rather dressed down in order not to become too much, which is why the t-shirt complements the looks so well. To be fair, I think the best way to describe the styling and setting is as the headlines says it; relaxed dandy by the mediterranean.

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Portrait De L’HOMM

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Portrait De L’HOMME

A destination where personality and a sense of fashion bond over a negroni. Often, but not always, centered around a specific individual’s journey of style and taste. All to remind that paying a bit of respect to your appearance pays off in regards to your confidence and how your surrounding environment perceives you.

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