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Release of The Bloke


Hey guys!

Good news – no, GREAT news to be exact! Today was the official release of The Bloke. And what is The Bloke then you say? The Bloke is Bloggers Delight’s male universe, that right now consists of 12 male bloggers. This platform spans areas of daily challenges to luxury cars, and yes, fashion! In the area of mens fashion The Bloke have managed to gather 3 new GREAT menswear bloggers. 3 bloggers that I personally look up to, and are very proud to be placed side by side with. These 3 amazing bloggers are Virg The Bird, Preppy Beast and Dansk Mode.

You can check out the rest of the bloggers at

Just to show who you are dealing with I’ve provided you with a view of these 3 stylish gents down below! I can only encourage you to check these guys out!

Virg The Bird


Preppy Beast


Dansk Mode



Best regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME


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