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Ricardo Tisci takes over at Burberry

04-riccardo-tisciWith the recent departure of Christopher Bailey from Burberry (which I wrote about HERE) there were some speculations on who were to take over the design direction of the British heritage brand. However, only few weeks after this announcement, there has been shed light on the matter. Ricardo Tisci, who formerly designed for Parisian brand Givenchy (but left early 2017), is now set to pick up where Christopher Bailey left off. In fact, his first official workday is already march 12. It’s exciting to see what Tisci has to offer the brand that Bailey saved from stagnation. Tisci brought his urban, dark, gothic yet sexual and sporty aesthetic to Givenchy. But the question at hand is whether Tisci’s hedonism can be unified with the heritage of Burberry. I’m looking forward to see what this employment will result in.

The first official Burberry collection designed by Tisci will be shown in september.


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