Shave Like A Man


Shave like a man

Shaving often becomes a tedious process, that just has to be done. Preferably as fast as even possible. This is very well illustrated by the standardised sporty look of modern male razors. However, what if shaving could be something that you look forward to? Something that makes you feel like you’ve performed a craft? Well it can. All you need to, is to look for previous shaving techniques.

Personally I’m growing incredible fond of the shaving knife. It looks almost a little suicidal, but it is far from that. However, the feeling of shaving with a knife adds a feeling of adrenaline. The knowledge of how horrible wrong this could go, gives you a wonderful boost of testosterone. This is when you start to feel like a man when shaving.

Obviously, you need the gear. Danish Barberians specialise in vintage inspired shaving gear. They currently have 3 types of shavers. The shaving knife (which I’m a big fan of), the safety razor and a razor handle that fits with the Gilette shaving heads. Personally I believe that the shaving knife gives the most authentic shaving feeling. However, dont expect a perfect shave the first time. It takes time to learn to master this technique. But that is exactly what appeals to me. It becomes a craft. Something that you can become good at. All the professional barbers out there, you guys have my respect.


Obviously, if you invest in a shaving knife, do invest in a proper shaving cream and brush. The cream from Barberians foams easily into a heavy foam. I like that it isn’t some light fluffy stuff that is wiped off too easy.

The brush is made from badger hair, which is supposed to be top of the class. Both when it comes to shaving, but as well with make up. So better be careful that your better half doesn’t steal the brush.


Okay, if there is one product that I would highlight as the most essential it is the Alum block. Never heard of it before? Neither had I before I was recently introduced. After that shave, you wet the stone and apply it to the skin where you’ve shaved. It may sting, but it is so worth it. What it does, is that it helps avoiding those annoying post-shave rashes! And it works! It’s a easy and convenient way to avoid those damn red bumps that makes you regret shaving in the first place.

And ladies if you read along, it can also be used for shaving legs (I’m told!!)


I’m sure that you’ve heard this a million times before, you need to moisturise after the shave! And you still do. But you also like to put on the aftershave. Honestly it feels like a thousand steps. I really dig the Barberians face cream & aftershave. It’s a mix of the two and works wonderfully. And best, it smells that way too! Easy and convenient.


Now we’re at the scent of it all, then Barberians have made an eau de parfume, with a scent similar to the aftershave. You can then walk around all day with that very musky and masculine post-shave feel. I really love how Barberians have made an entire universe revolving around shaving.


You can find all of the products at their website.

Hope you found this interest and will soon shave like a man.

Best Regards,

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