Simply A Cool Roll Neck Outfit

Simply a cool roll neck outfit

Simply A Cool Roll Neck Outfit

What has roll necks and high contrast in common? They both look ridiculously cool. That’s why this look ended up as a rather cool roll neck outfit.

This outfit combines modern cuts and classic deeds, in what turns out to be one of my favourite outfits at the moment. The outfit in is self is rather simple. Charcoal flannel cropped trousers, with a dropped crotch, a wool roll neck in a similar color, black dress belt, white sneaks and then one of the few babes in my life – my Dior sunglasses. All in all, I think it’s a really cool roll neck outfit.

Especially the crisp white sneaks and the cut of the trousers illustrate a more modern approach to what could easily be a rather classic look. Imagine that the trousers had been straight fit, a pair of dress shoes and bam! There you have it, a very classic formal look.

To be honest tucking in a jumper is rather new to me, and I’ve found that it only works with really thin knits. But I do think that it works really well, especially with the cool 70’s connotations that the roll neck provides.

The flannel trousers are probably where the magic happens in this outfit, and is without a doubt one of the best purchases of 2015! This exact pair is from Selected HOMME, and fall into an inexpensive category. I was actually in doubt during the purchase, mostly concerned whether I’d like the dropped crotch – but I’ve really come to dig it!

In conclusion I this is just a damn cool roll neck outfit with a modern ambience.

Hope you’re all getting set for new years and gonna have a blast.
I’ll try and  squeeze in one more post before the new year.

Best regards

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Simply a cool roll neck outfit



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