Slipping back into boot season!


I’m a sucker for boots. There are really only few things in the male wardrobe that attracts me more (one of them being overcoats) – and for good reason. I know that boots is a very broad term, so lets narrow it down a bit; leather boots. I know that that wasn’t very much, but thats the point! There are just so many cool variations, which means that there is more or less one for every need. To me leather boots are one of the main reasons to welcome the fall and winter – or boot season as it should rather be called – and it could be yours as well.


Why boots?

While sneakers are crisp and provides you with a somewhat athletic notion, then the boots are just more masculine! Whether it be a pair of work boots or a pair of cowboy boots, then the inherent raw- and roughness is just a masculinity booster. But then you might ask what about a dress boot? Thats not really raw? But if you consider the the difference between a dress shoe and a dress boot then you’ll quickly realise that the increased amount of material used really gives it a more durable and raw aesthetic.


About the styling: I like to challenge myself and how I usually combine the pieces. My starting point for building the outfit (see HERE a post on how I usually build my outfits) was the pants – a pair of navy hybrid dress pants/joggers. I really liked the navy + grey combo, so I wore them with a grey sweatshirt. But then I would usually have worn a pair of white sneakers. But I felt that this could maybe be shaken up by a pair of sturdy Dr Martens boots. It worked out very well, especially due to the graphic skull motif on the sweatshirt. All in all it ended up with a somewhat athletically-refined-rocker vibe.


Photo credits: Anthony Bogdan

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