When Good Stuff Comes In Small Doses


The other day a colleague of mine and I discussed the horrible coffee at the office. In this discussion (where we both agreed that the coffee was horrible) she said “Oh yeah, you’re such a coffee connoisseur”. I’ve never really considered my self a connoisseur, more like a coffee addict. But I guess along with the addiction comes a certain knowledge.

So I suppose that I’m a coffee connoisseur. It’s a catchy title I must admit. However, along with knowledge of any given topic, there is the knowledge that there are so much more that you don’t know. That’s also why the wisest people are often the most humble. They know that they don’t know anything.

But what I do know, is that when it comes to coffee it is not always the quantity that counts. I do enter a Starbucks from time to time, but despite being ‘good’ it is nothing compared to a neat little espresso cut from freshly roasted beans. This can take the breath away from any coffee lover! In this case, the little wonders come in small doses!

The espresso cups are actually not espresso cups. They are in fact Royal Copenhagen egg cups – but just so happen to exactly fit a single espresso shot.

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