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Sneaker Couture

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Much has evolved since the rubber soled shoe got its nickname, sneakers. In 1917, an advertisement agent called them ‘sneakers’, as one would be able to sneak up upon people because of the rubber sole. This alone was of huge contrast to the common leather sole, which in general is very noisy. Since then, the sneaker has gone from being just a sports shoe to probably the most dominating footwear these days.

One can easily tell that designs have changed drastically. Come on, just look at the difference between the original Keds from 1917 and the Adidas Y-3 models. What may have changed just as much as the sneaker it self, is what you would wear with your comfy footwear!

In the first half of the 20th century one would only really pop them with your obligatory sports uniform. The second half of the 20th century it became more mainstream to wear them with your casual rotation. Especially after movie stars like James Dean wore sneakers.

Nowadays you are able to wear them pretty much with anything. They’ve even made their entrance to the officewear (though you probably won’t see any Yeezy boosts around the formal offices). If styled right they are even allowed to be sported with a suit. One of the latest trends regarding the sneakers is the biker denim look. This trend has really showed great prominence at the extravagant fashion house Balmain. For this photo session I’ve shot a look with a pair of Adidas Moc Runners worn with a pair of Zara FW15 biker jeans. On the top I’m wearing a black tee with a embroidered motiv and a decorated military jacket both by Carnet de Vol.


The pictures are shot in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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