Snow Patrol Look – Beret and Military references

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I have this thing with shooting in the snow. At one hand it is so challenging and obviously very cold, but then at the other hand it is super damn fun because can really create some cool pictures. So with all the snow that has been going on in NYC lately then I’ve been literally jealous. Not because of the location (okay, also a little because of the location) but because of the snow. But yeah, I follow a lot of cool NYC based bloggers and when my IG feen is filled with  these cool snowy pictures, then I’m just even more intrigued to do it myself. So when it the other day started to snow, like REALLY snow, then I was all in! Never so fast have I jumped in an outfit and out Astrid and I went. The result is the snow patrol look that you saw above.

The styling really draws on the military references. Much like the structure of the coat has those army connotations, then it’s highlighted by the combination of the red beret and the red bumbag. This outfit is also really about those blacks and reds – both dominant colors, that when put in combination creates such an intense contrast. And of course when the styling indicates some sort of army reference, then go for leather boots.

Shop A Similar Snow Patrol Look

Red Beret at ASOS // Double breasted coat at ASOS // Red Bumbag at Boozt // Faux Leather Pants at Luisa Via Roma – another option is to seek out thrift shops for real leather pants (like these). // Exact leather boots at Lædersmeden

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