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Something New, Yet Familiar!

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Hey guys!

So through out my studies at Copenhagen Business School I’ve completed a few marketing and innovation courses, which is why I actually find this little video very entertaining!

In this video Gammel Dansk try to illustrate the difference between their classic bitters, and their newly introduced Gammel Dansk Shot with chili and liquorice. A variation that is distinctively different, but retains the soul and complexity of their classic bitters.

What is then so cool about this video, is that it takes something old, which is symbolic of their brand value, and then adds a whole new twist. I think it’s a very simple, but very refreshing way that they’ve done the advertisement. Often advertisement comes across (at least to me) like: buy more, buy better, buy cheaper. This one comes across to me: A brand that has credibility, but has made an effort to become more relevant.

You see the same rebranding aspects in other business areas, even in many of the older fashion houses. Retaining the core value, but through design and distribution you alter the entire perception of the brand. You’ve seen it at houses like Burberry, heck even Balmain when they hired Olivier Rousteing. The mindset was changed in these businesses, and a younger target group was acquired. In fashion it’s the “cool kids” and the “it boys and girls” that determine whether something is trendy or not. This means that a natural effort is made to target this group. And to be honest, I think it works like this in any business area, it is just so damn obvious in fashion.

I really think that this movie is a solid move for Gammel Dansk to reacquire the branded value that they possess.


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