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Not everything has to be over the edge – sometimes something simple works just as great. One thing that is never to be underestimated is the jeans & t-shirt look. An inevitably classic in menswear. There are however many variations of this kind of look – and this is thus a more modern take on that look.

Considering a more simplistic look? What you need to consider is the details and the fit.

1. As you wear a simple outfit, it becomes the smallest details that talk the loudest. So make sure that these details are exactly as you’d want them. If the little things don’t add up, and may seem contradictory or off, it will ruin the aesthetics of the simple look. You are so to speak unable to hide behind jackets and dandy accessories with this simple look. So if the details actually pressent don’t suit each other the look becomes messy – even though you aren’t wearing much. Consider it somehow like the cheerleader effect.. When wearing a lot of accessories it may often become dazzling just from the sum of gear. However, if you strip it apart – it may not be as on point as first assumed. Consider then if you strip off pretty much everything to achieve the simplicity? You then have to be spot on.

2. Next up is the fit. As mentioned before, you’re unable to hide. I acknowledge that there are different fits for t-shirts – however a t-shirt that is too tight or too big will just look way off. Considering a tight t-shirt? Look out for the sleeves. Make sure that they are not being pulled up – this may indicate that the t-shirt is to tight over the back.

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