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Going Out Tonight?

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Hey guys!

If you are just the slightest like me, then you probably like putting on a freshly ironed shirt and enjoy a tasty cocktail. If that’s the case then I may provide you with your new go-to app!

Going out for cocktails aren’t cheap, and this is where Heaps Drinks come in handy. And why is that you say? Because Heaps Drinks offers you one free drink every single day with one of their 50 business partners in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Furtheras an exclusive deal with Heaps Drinks, I can offer you 1 entire month for FREE simply by registrering the invite code ‘portraitdelhomme‘ upon your registration.

Whats the price? Simply a low monthly fee of 49 DKK, which means that if you go out for a cocktail just once a month, then you’ve probably already SAVED money! Some bars even provide offers after your first free drink, allowing you to save even more on your bar tap.

So what kind of bars are involved? There is a whole wide variety of bars, some of them are actually among my favourites in Copenhagen – for example Bar25 and The Jane (where these pictures are taken). Both places that I can highly recommend if you are on the look for good cocktails!

The app can be downloaded through this link: heapsapp.com/drinks-ig

I would like to add that I personally use this app myself!

OBS. the app is currently only available for iPhone and you have to be 18+.


Best Regards

Portrait De L’HOMME

Invite code: ‘portraitdelhomme’ for an entire free month


heaps-1heaps-3 heaps-2

Still in the mood of going out tonight? Then remember to sign up the invite code ‘portraitdelhomme’ for a entire free month.


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