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Spring Time So Fine

Spring time so fine

Hey guys!

As the title indicates (and the picture should also point towards) it is spring time, and I feel so fine about it! Though yesterday was very rainy (read about it here) today is fortunately more spring like. One of my all time favourite spring and summer pieces are the printed trousers – especially with a floral print! I bought these last year, but due to the winter have they just been sitting comfortably in the back of the closet. Well until now!

The printed trouser really is an easy way to create what seems like a complex look (without actually being so). A pair of printed trousers makes a lot of fuzz as they take up such big percentage of your total garnment surface. What you then want to do is to go minimal – simplicity and tonality is the key here. Easy and very convenient for when it gets warmer as well!

It’s Spring time so fine!

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