Streetstyle: Paris Fashion Week Mens

Paris. The absolute fashion capital of the world. Epicenter of contemporary high fashion. So if there is one fashion week that would be really really REALLY interesting for menswear street style, it is indeed the Paris Fashion Week Mens. Though I went there for less than 24 hours, and without certainty of the actual show locations (which are secret dure to security), I managed to scoop out 3 locations! Namely the Sean Suen, Rick Owens and Louis Vuitton, which I managed to get some sort of backstage footage of (scroll to bottom to see).

Ladies and gentlemen, @jaimetoutcheztoi – which I’ve been obsessed with lately on Instagram!

The reason I was in Paris in the first place was for work (with Les Deux). I was there shooting a video and spending time at the aforementioned show locations, which resulted in this crisp bi-product. So I bring to you, my favourite Paris Fashion Week Mens streetstyle looks.


By the way,

This was what I was initially in Paris to shoot. A cool little fashion week video for Les Deux.

“Backstage” at Louis Vuitton

Shortly after the Louis Vuitton show, the models accompanied by show staff went from Place Dauphine and onto a dislocated backstage area on a boat on the Seine.



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