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Why A Striped T-Shirt Is A Menswear Stable


So today we are talking striped t-shirts, and why I believe that every man should have one in his wardrobe.

First and foremost, the striped t-shirt is timeless and will probably never really go out of style due to its nautical references. The timeless clean aesthetics of the striped t-shirt is one of the reasons that this exact t-shirt a wardrobe classics.

Second, due to the clean aesthetics of this wear you can pretty much style it however you want. With a suit, or with jeans – that’s your call.

Third, it’s the perfect layering piece. Tho I usually swear by white t-shirts for layers (due to the simplicity), the the striped t-shirt can add a dynamic level to the outfit.

Fourth, with risk of sounding paradoxal, then the stripes are currently fashionable. Especially when combining several types of stripes together. Here you can for example vary on the width of the stripes, the direction of the stripes and the colors of the stripes. 🙂

I’ve picked out 5 striped pieces that should fit straight into your wardrobe. Scroll down below to find those pieces.

Personally I styled my striped t-shirt with a pair of fine trousers, strap sandals and a denim jacket. A bit of casual mixed with some formal vibes. Perfect for strolling around the old parts of the city that I am currently in.

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME


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