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Stripes on Stripes on Stripes trend

stripes on stripes trend

stripes on stripes trend

One absolute major trend this season is the stripes. Thin, thick, vertical and horizontal – they all count.  I’ve personally found it quite fun to work around with both horizontal and vertical stripes at once. Layering the striped pieces really adds some depth to a otherwise quite plain look. Working around these quite plain looks in a more trend oriented manner is something that is both easy and grants a great result. Mainly because you don’t wear any avantgarde(ish) pieces that you dont feel comfortable wearing. And your comfort with what you wear will show! All you have to do is pick up some of your stables and combine them in a certain way. A way that you might not have considered before.

For me vertical stripes on horisontal stripes just work. It creates some sort of contrast, as it becomes so very graphical. Usually I would wear just a plain white tee (probably the most used piece in my wardrobe) as the basic beneath a jacket, but using the stripes beneath just creates some more tension. Obviously not every look calls for it, but it definitely works great in some cases. It really has become something that I find myself wearing quite often these days!

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If you scroll further down, then I’ve picked out a few pieces that would create a cool and similar outfit. Especially the insanely cool Adidas sambas add’s to that stripes on stripes (on stripes) look.



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