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Style tip: Keep It Rugged

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Hey everyone! This is just a brief style tip that works perfect for me.

Not everything looks best when it looks brand new. Jeans and tees are perfect examples of this statement! And when combined – then this is a place to show that you’ve got style game. Who could argue against a solid jeans and tee look? I’m not the one too! It feels good and looks solid – if it is done properly!

First you need a proper pair of jeans. This is like any other kinda trouser – whether it is chinos or suit trousers – they have to fit and they have to look great! This could be a solid black pair of jeans, indigo or in this case printed with rips. When i came across these Just Cavalli jeans in Milan I was spellbound – I had to have them. If you easily want to keep it rugged, go for slightly discoloured jeans or ripped. It gives the associations that they’ve been worn for years. 😉 When it comes to the fit of the jeans, I find that the slim or skinny is the best option.

About the t-shirt. This t-shirt was actually just an old Diesel that I had totally forgot that I had in the closet. This proves the point that to keep it rugged may work just perfect under the right circumstances. Alternatively go for a vintage or vintage-inspired tee to achieve that same vibe. Just make sure that it fits – even though it’s old…

Remember that you can opt for bracelets to bring some sort of surfer vibe to the outfit – this works particularly well in this case where the jeans has a palm print.

Best regards

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