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Styletip: Wear A Simple Uniform

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Hey guys. How are you doing? My self I’m doing good. My stay in France is about to come to an end, but that’s fine. There is a lot of good to get home to. 😉 The thing I’d like to talk to you about today is simplicity. Something that I can hardly emphasise enough! 😉

Simplicity has never been considered a bad thing. Nor should it be. Embracing simplicity may get you a long way, especially when considering what you should be wearing. Some of the best dressed men that I know often stick to a rather simple uniform, in which they feel comfortable. This is in my opinion what any man should do. It’s not always about dressing like a Pitti Peacock (google it and you’ll know what i mean!). Once you’ve found your uniform – and you have the body for it – wear it a little tight! No harm will come from that. What it will do though is sit stylishly and grant you a compliment or two for your impeccable style.

Personally my uniform tend to rely on a pair of trousers that are slightly cropped, a rather plain piece for my upper body – often white! 😉 In general are the most common colors in my wardrobe blue, white and black. This means that this exact outfit doesn’t deviate much from my common style.

Belt and shoes don’t match? come on… This is the most common style misinterpretation in menswear! The shoes and belt don’t have to match – but HAS to complement each other! In this case the belt blends perfectly in with the trousers, while the grey tassel loafers fit right into the color scheme. This look could also be pulled off with Brown or tanned shoes.

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