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Styling With Artistic References


Most of the time when I do my styling, I revolve around one key piece, and build an outfit from that (previous post about it here). As was this styling done. And sometimes you’re just lucky that the pieces fit perfectly together with the styling reference which you had in mind.

For this outfit the key item was the shoes. I received these cool Dr Martens 1461 paint splatter a little while ago. Even though they are a little graphic for most people’s taste, then you won’t believe how many compliments I received for wearing them. And you could as well!

As for the styling I thought I’d go for something artistic. When looking at the shoes I imagine a painter stepping out of his atelier having completed a long session. A session performed with such passion that the paint splattered upon the shoes. Having this painter illusion I deemed it perfect to fit the shoes with a striped t-shirt. A piece that creates a cool reference to no less than Picasso, who was known for his striped t-shirts. While at it, every guy should own a striped t-shirt, if anything , just to make this reference.

The rest of the outfit of course had to fit with these connotations and artistic references, which is why I went for some rugged toned down pieces. A pair of flannel trousers and a washed military jacket.

The Dr Martens shoes are part of a Grunge collection that they’ve made. This means that both the 1460 and 1461 comes in a variety of paint splatter versions. However, despite being called grunge, I think that they fit quite cool with this bohemian artistic reference.

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Portrait De L’HOMME


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