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Styling like a modern cowboy

modern cowboy modern cowboy modern cowboy


When styling an outfit then you may have some clear references. Some that might catch the eye right away. But it is not always what makes an outfit great. At least not in my opinion. The broad lines of the look is of course important, but it is in the combination with the little details that makes it great. Taking this outfit for example, well, then we have the very defined cowboy references. The fedora, the layering with the denim jacket and the cowboy boots (Should this have been done perfectly, well then we should probably have worn a frock coat instead of a classic overcoat). Turns out like a modern cowboy. However, what to me makes this particular outfit great is the stacking of collars. You see, the three collars creates a very cool stacked layered effect and when it is then put together with the scarf and the striped tee underneath, then it creates a very dynamic look – even though it is all black and grey. It’s great because it pulls attention towards the face, but doesn’t end up stealing the spotlight because of the choice of color.

Another modest little detail supporting the western connotations is that the scarf has horses on it. 😉

Shop A Similar Modern Cowboy Look

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