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Styling Your Khakis

Styling your KhakisStyling your Khakis Styling your Khakis

A few rays of sun and we’re already about to ditch our entire black winter wardrobe? Well, I’m not gonna do that. I am however going to reconsider choice of color just once in a while. Opting for a brighter color palette. And so should you. Especially going for a beige and navy combination will do you well! It’s a very classic menswear color combo that do every man justice. One of the key pieces to this look are the khakis. It is a pair of trousers that most definitely should be in every man’s wardrobe, and a piece that actually looks better after a few washes. To be fair I rarely wear khakis to the office, but more often on the weekends. I feel very relaxed in my khakis, but however not so fashion forward. But then again, it really has to do with how you are styling your khakis. For example with this look where you barely see the oversized knit except from the long sleeves. It creates a very cool layered effect, but doesn’t seem chunky as you cannot see the knit because of the scarf. A pair of trousers like this really allows you to play around, as they are very toned down themselves.

Another option on styling your khakis would have been to go for an oxford shirt. The ruggedness of such an shirt would very well complement sturdiness of the khakis. And if you’re feeling real Ivy League then pop a blazer on top of that. That should get your prep-star going.

A whole other way is to look at the two brothers from Akins Collective Samuel and Noah. They really do make the khakis fashion forward. Check out their Instagram here.

Styling Your Khakis

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