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Styling with a youthful flair is something that allows you to go from dusty-doing-the-same-deskjob-everyday-guy or straight-out-of-university-just-bought-my-first-grownup-suit to that hey-lets-go-catch-a-beer-sometime-guy. But you have to be a little careful as you don’t want to look like a grown pretending to be a kid. That will yield the exact opposite result!

So how do you style with a youthful flair? First step is to swap your leather shoes for a pair of luxurious sneakers. And by luxurious I don’t mean that you have to go invest in a pair of Gucci, Brioni or Maison Margiela sneakers, but rather that you should find a pair of well constructed minimalist leather sneakers, that does not indicate your about to go running. Next is the trousers; what I’ve found is that a relying on a pair that has a slight drop crotch adds a young fashion forward vibe that is VERY beneficial for this cause.

While we’re at the trousers – make sure to visit the tailor, you don’t want them too long! If you aim for a youthful look like this and your trousers are too long, then you’re just gonna come across like a little boy who borrowed his dads trousers.

Then there are the rolled sleeves. It’s something that I personally do primarily because I feel that sleeves are in the way, which is a bit ridiculous to be fair (the mind want what the mind wants). This move does however add a very breezy vibe to the look.

Okay, so I’ve talked about dressing the look down in order to get a more youthful look. What you need to consider is that it is a balancing act. Now that you’ve tried to become more effortless, you need to counter balance that move. This you do first and foremost with the fabrics. Stepping up your big-boy dress shirt is a must, and even more important – forget all about your cheap satin ties! Choose a tie the indicate that you know your shit. One that insinuates power. This tie will draw attention, and that you have to be cool with. While we are at the tie, the length should only be in the area of kissing the buckle and the tip being in center of the buckle. That is the area you want to reach. Don’t do it like Trump whos red tie goes all the way down below his crotch. Lastly, investing in a proper coat will be your style saver in pretty much any occasion.

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