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What You Should Wear This Spring

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A suit is said to be the modern knights armour – and if you’ve never heard that before you should go watch Kingsman Secret Service. This movie will make you want to go spend your life savings on sartorial gems. But as much as I personally love to get my dandy on, as much do I enjoy dressing down a suit. The best way to do so, is to rely on simplicity.

A good white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. Thats really all you need to make sure that your suit game is on point for the spring and summer. It’s often best kept simple as it won’t question your ability to put together your clothes. It becomes something that everyone can understand and relate to. If you want to step up your game opt for these: A double breasted suit, as it makes it more of a statement. A white pocketsquare to add an edge – do take care that it doesn’t look synthetic tho. A pair white sneakers that has gum soles. Gum soles are those brown vintage alike soles. This add a sporty gym reference to the outfit which is complemented by the white t-shirt.

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