Summer spend with good friends! The class of An Ivy

On a moody grey Sunday, one can warm their heart and spirit by looking back at good memories from a long and wonderful summer. In particular one memory stands out today. A few weeks ago I spend a summer evening with some of the absolutely most dapper men in the entire Denmark; the class of An Ivy. Two of these gents were Nikolaj Dylsing and Alexander Gram (Preppy Beast) – the founders of An Ivy while the rest were friends of the house. The evening was spent playing pétanque and drinking cold whites and rosés! What a perfect way to spend an evening! Last but not least were Victor Jones around to capture these moments!

I know that it has been a while since I really dappered my self out, but when an occasion like this presents itself, you put on your best tie – of course from An Ivy. The tie is perfectly complimented by  a matching army green blazer from Oscar Jacobsen light grey trousers and tanned loafers. Just because it has been a while, doesn’t mean that you forget how-to! Au contraire.

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