Summer Suiting 2016

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Summer suiting is a peculiar thing. During the heat you’d not want to wear that heavy materials when suiting up. Go for light weight materials, brighter colors and in case you – like I – have a hard time to deviate from black, use it only for the details. The Gucci loafers worn here is my dearest possession at the moment. I truly feel that it’s been an investment that is worth expenses. As for the shirt – I love white shirts! But it’s nice for a change to swap it for a bit of color! 😉

The stone suit is further a great way to come around occasions like lunch dates, baptising and all those other events where you never know what to wear! 😉

Best Regards

Portrait De L’HOMME



I’m Jon, a genuinely creative spirit who believes you should never put your style in a box.

Portrait De L’HOMME is a tribute to the modern trend seeking man and pulls references from traditional and contemporary fashion.

The goal is to show that simple investments in your appearance will come back manyfolded.

This will be expressed through various editorials in different scales and sizes.

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