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sunday shoppingMy personal style inspirations spans far and wide. From streetwear afficiandos like Gallucks to dapper gents like Blake  Scott. This Sunday we’re zooming in on a fellow blogger who constantly seems to amaze me with his vintage inspired universe. Denny – who you can find on Instagram HERE – seamlessly combines both streetwear brands like Supreme with a more sartorial game. The look highlighted today draws more on the latter. Denny wears a cool checkered suit, with a red shirt underneath. To truly add a 70’s vibe his rocking a fedora, aviators and of course (in best Calvin Klein by Raf Simons regards) a pair of Sendra boots. Again, if you don’t already follow this guy, then you really should consider doing so!

sunday shopping

1. ASOS sunglasses 13,50€ at HERE (affiliate) // 2. Brixton Fedora 115€ at HERE (affiliate) // 3. Jack & Jones Suit 223€ HERE (affiliate) // 4. ASOS overshirt 34€ HERE (affiliate) // 5. Sandra boots approximately 265€ HERE

Photo credits: Denny Balmaceda

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When Grey is A - Okay