Super Cropped, Super Cool!


So, I LOVE my black skinny jeans. I grew up listening to 80’s thrash metal and glam rock, so I’ve seen and worn my fair share of skin tight jeans. But as much as I like these jeans, as much do I enjoy the alternatives. Lately has the fashion houses around the world dictated a wider silhouette, especially when it comes to leg wear. A silhouette that I’m becoming a big fan of – despite of my rock n’ roll heritage. The fact that they are super cropped just adds another edge to the look.

Both the sweatshirt and trousers are very boxy, so I went for a pair of chunky sneakers as well to make it coherent. The quick break around the ankles however creates a contrast that complements the rest of the look.

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Portrait De L’HOMME 

super-cropped-1 super-cropped-5 super-cropped-2 super-cropped-3

Portrait De L’HOMME

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