Sweet Concrete!

Concrete: A composite material consisting of fine and coarse construction aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over time

Though it is primarily assiociated modernistic design it has been used through ancient eras. While often being considered cold and lifeless it embraces the concept of spacious design, air and fluidity. It even allows the objects placed in context with concrete to live and breath. As a colourful object shining bright next to monochrome concrete. 

What is truly captivating about concrete is its ability to being molded, shaped, sculpted. A form of tameable rawness in a physical shape. 

History lesson

First recording of the use of concrete was 6500BC. There were found concrete floor of the Royal Palace of Tiryns, Greece, dating back to 1400-1200 BC. From 300 BC – 476 AD the romans used concrete extensively! As a part of the Roman Architectural revolution the Roman concrete a key role, as it freed the construction from the dogmas of traditional stone and brick materials. This allowed radically new architectural designs, structures and dimensions. Without this, architecture as we know it today, might have looked very different. 

Outfit: Nylon bucket hat: Not branded, Shirt: An Ivy, T-shirt: Les Deux, Belt: Gucci, Key ring: Rains, Trousers: Jules, Watch: Kronaby, Sandals: Dr Martens, Socks: ASOS.

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