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The Barber

The Barber

The Barber

Going to the hair dresser may sound a little girlish – if not to say a lot… Going to the barber on the other hand sounds way more masculine. You don’t have to feel embarrassed yelling it out to your friends. And when it feels masculine just being there only helps the cause! I’ve almost always let my sister, mom, or some other acquainted cut my hair. Believing that I could do the rest with products. I’ve however come to terms with, that though products can do a lot, you are most definitely not to underestimate the power of a great haircut! And this is exactly what you get at The Barber in Vognmagergade (Barberen i Vognmagergade).

So what is it that is just so ridiculously cool about The Barber?

The barbers at The Barber In Vognmagegade are skilled craftsmen. They’ll listen to what you have to say about your requests and making sure that the cut is always crisp! The vintage settings almost make you feel like you’ve been thrown back in time. Back to a time when men were real men! The salon, which roots trails back to 1936, has housed numerous of controversial events through the time. Events such as packaging of illegal resistance papers during WWII and training of some of the very first female men’s-hairdressers. The rich history is obvious to the place, the sturdy vintage barber shop chairs serves as just one example of this. Further you’ll a mix of old barber shop artifacts, vintage cartoons and a variety whiskies.

You’ll never be listening to dull mainstream music. Whether it be cozy jazz or a new Jack White album, they’ll make sure that the mood in The Barber is just as cool as the settings. Further to top it off, you’re not only offered the conventional cup of coffee, but has the opportunity to enjoy a great beer from a smaller Danish brewery while your hair is getting sliced up all nicely.

I can only recommend visiting The Barber in Vognmagergade (Barberen i Vognmagegade).

The Barber The Barber The Barber The Barber The Barber The Barber The Barber

With a great fresh cut, I say thats a wrap for this time!
Till next time!

Jon Morck
Portrait De L’HOMME


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