The Blue Suit – Portrait De L'HOMME
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The Blue Suit

The Blue Suit

The Blue Suit

The blue suit. So versatile, so comfortable. I can’t emphasise this enough. Works perfectly for the job, formal wear or for a night out – which was exactly what this was for. A night out dining and a few cocktails afterwards. In Copenhagen, Denmark, the up scale department store Illum, which has existed since 1891 (1899 on the current location), has renovated a huge part of the stores including the top floor restaurants. So a friend of mine thought that it was about time to go pay those restaurants a visit. We went to Maio, an Italian restaurant, with a few other restaurants around Europe. The food was great, but the wine. Oh god the wine was fantastic! Afterwards we went to cozy bar, which I do not remember the name of, but the cocktails was great, and we were able to sit outside despite being mid January.

However, what is so great about suits in general are the endless opportunities. Tees, jumpers, shirts, shirts with ties, bowties, waistcoat, and for a very few, just a bare chest (unfortunately most of us are not that rock star…). So many options to chose from, so many statements to make. What I chose for this look was a rather minimalistic look, but with emphasis on the details and color. Adding a pocket square is a great way to add dynamics to your suit or jacket. Wether it be contrasting, matching or color complementing. As I was going for a rather subtle look I went for a pocket square that held the same colors as the rest of the outfit. The same goes for the bracelets – navy blue stones matching the blue suit. As for shoes, I could have followed the ancient rules of style picking brown shoes and belt. I however went for a more modern approach adding black shoes and belt to the blue suit.


The Blue Suit The Blue Suit The Blue Suit The Blue Suit The Blue Suit

Suit – Zara
Jumper – Tiger of Sweden
Pocket Square – H&M
Bracelets – Brand Paris
Shoes – Clarks

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Portrait De L’HOMME


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