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The Speed Trainer Craze

The Speed Trainer Craze

First of all, I’ll admit that the sock trainer is some what cool, and I’d be happy to slip my feet into a pair. But it seems that I’m not alone on that – the rest of the fashion industry seems to agree. However the Balenciaga speed trainer (as it’s officially called) seems to exceed the borders of Balenciaga. The instantly popular sneaker that Demna Gvassalia put forward for Balenciaga, can now find incredible similar version of itself in the realm of Vetements. But guess who is in charge of Vetements? No other than Gvasalia himself (and his brother). The Vetements version is made as a collaboration with Reebok, and obviously contains a Vetements kitsch aesthetic. One that if it weren’t for the brand name spelled out, still would be easy recognisable. Well on top of that, has no other than Reebok just released a sock trainer very much alike those of Balenciaga.

I’m not to judge, and I have no insight of the design rights that might have been sold, but it sure seems to me, that a conflict could arise from this! Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens with this speed trainer craze.

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