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One item that dominated my summer wardrobe - and you should continue to wear in the fall

The things my Insta Wife do for me…

insta wifeWe’ve all heard about the term Insta Husband. A guy who selflessly takes pictures of the misses, no matter the time and place. Well in my case the gender roles started out being reversed. I began my journey as a self reflective narcissistic guy wanting to broadcast my daily outfits and coffee table shots about three and a half year ago. A lot has changed since then!insta wife

insta wife

What started out as a individual endeavour somehow along the way turned into a common passion of Astrid and I. We never really thought much about the narrative until a Danish reporter from the Danish national broadcasting company contacted us to tell our story. This turned into a wonderful article (in Danish) about how Astrid feels about being an Insta Wife. The article is filled with self irony – which apparently not everyone seem understand? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ Even further, the interview accompanied by a very funny photoshoot, so even though you don’t read Danish, you should definitely check out the article for the pictures on their own.

You can find the article here.

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One item that dominated my summer wardrobe - and you should continue to wear in the fall