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Tonal Combinations and Urban Connotations

Tonal Combinations and Urban Connotations


We often speak about involving more and more colour. While I’m definitely a fan of bringing more colour to the male wardrobe, then I cannot either deny my affection for tonal combinations. One aspect of my affection is due to the safety of not mismatching any colour or shade, another aspect is that when you have limitations on one area, then it allows you to play around with the rest. So when I chose grey as a defining colour for the outfit, then it’s easier to allow yourself playing around with fabrics and different stylistic directions.

In the case of this outfit I paired a graphic sweatshirt with a pair of somewhat shiny suit trousers. Two pieces that probably wouldn’t have seemed so cohesive if lets say the trousers were blue.  Again, when the main of the outfit is so cohesive, then it gives you room to play around with shoes, bags, belts, accessories, etc. I picked a cross body bum bag that I’m becoming strangely fond of, some over the edge Dr Martens, and a big buckled Gucci marmont belt. The thing about the belt is that it separates the two pieces adding some contrast, but it requires some confidence to pull off. Tucking in a sweatshirt feels a little strange the first time, but yet again because of the tonal cohesiveness then there is actually room for such moves.

I really like how the outfit also refers to different urban connotations. At one hand you have the street-esque parts with the sweatshirt and the Dr Martens, but then you also have the suit trousers, which draws on the metropolitan business man’s attire. And though the Dr Martens are chunky and with paint splatter, then it is still a leather derby. A perfect mix between the two urban connotations.


Tonal Combinations and Urban ConnotationsTonal Combinations and Urban Connotations Tonal Combinations and Urban ConnotationsTonal Combinations and Urban Connotations




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