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Too Tight or just perfect?

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Being well dressed is not only about wearing a fancy suit all the time. It is (to me) just as much about having some versatile key pieces – that fit just perfect. And when it comes to the perfect fit, it’s often a question of personal prefferences. But in case that you do have a body type, that do fit a slim/skinny fit – do so! You don’t have to be extraordinary lean to do this. Yes, you’d be surprised! What it does, is that the shirt, the trousers – what ever you are wearing – are going to sit just a little tighter than you may be used to. Yeah I know, it’s sort of in the words. But the difference is that, it’s going to show the proportions of your body, instead of hiding them away in ill fitted pieces. Instead of the shirt/jumper sitting slouchy around the hips, it will sit tight and enhance your appearence. It will make your shoulders, arms and chest appear bigger and your butt more shaped (yeah, girls like to look at butts too!). Going from a loose fit to a tighter fit will also make you seem taller. It’s all a game of proportions. However, be careful. Things can get too tight. Here I’m especially talking about jackets!

All this is not to say that slouchy and oversized fits aren’t good for anything, all I’m saying is that it should left to the streetwear and not classic wear.

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