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A Touch of Color

touch of color

When it comes to colors, a little can do a whole lot. In fact, wearing a monochromatic look, but then sporting just a touch of color may come across almost statement alike. Just a single piece can make the world of a difference.

For me this look is the perfect match between work and leisure time. It provides some degree of formality, but with the shirt being in a bold color and untucked gives some individual edge. I feel that it hits the sweet spot between fashionable og generally well dressed.

To underline the relaxed vibe of the look are the indispensable white sneakers. Had I worn a more formal shoe, had the expression of the look not been the same. Nowhere near. The sneakers are what makes the untucked shirt seem effortless rather than random. It’s important always to care for congruence!

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frakke sweater sweater-2 skjorte buks sko taske

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