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The only ride you need in the city

The uglier, chunkier and more expensive the better


Hey everybody! I apologise for the radio silence of late, but the last couple of months have been entirely dedicated to one thing only, and one thing only.. my master thesis. Fortunately that son of a gun is now handed in, and an oral defence is the only thing between me and the title of being a master in social sciences in Management of Creative Business Processes. I must say, getting through writing this thesis was a struggle. And that is putting it lightly. So besides being rewarded by a title, I allowed my self a little ‘light’ shopping. I’ve had my eyes on the Balenciaga triple S’s for quite a while now. While I think they’re horribly ugly, they’re still so gosh damn cool! I know that not all may agree, but to be honest I just love them!


Originally I had my eyes on the black and white ones with a red detailing on the heel of the sole. That was until I saw that these black/red ones would drop! Apparently I have something about black/red footwear, check out these sick cowboy boots as well. However, needless to say that I was camping the luxury e-tailers where I knew these Balenciaga babies would drop at. Namely SSENSE (where I bought these, thank god for international trade agreements!), matches fashion, END., and MrPorter. After a few hours I managed to get my hand on a pair, and I can’t even describe how stoked that I am! Especially as the resell prices for these shoes are a joke! I simply refuse to pay twice the retail price!

triple-s-look-2 sss-5

But it happened, and I can promise you that I will wear these dad-inspired sneakers a whooooole lot! This styling taps into that whole trendy dad like theme. The white tennis socks, khaki shorts and the highly criticized short sleeved shirt (which lately received a revival) are all part of that dad like wardrobe, and I’m loving it! Lastly, I want to leave you with something that I heard my good buddy Preppybeast and influencer Lau say about dad sneaks: The uglier, chunkier and more expensive the better! The Balenciaga triple S check off all of these parameters.


Shop a similar pair here or here.

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