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Construction sites are something that currently really inspires me. Especially because they are so real. In a world (of fashion) where pretty much anything is staged, then it’s nice with a setting that is much more grounded. Something that isn’t only about showing the grandeur of life.

I personally find great inspiration in what may seem either common or filthy. To me fashion isn’t necessarily only about beauty – it’s much rather about expressions and ideas. For example, expression of who you are, or how you want people to perceive you. The latter sounding very shallow, but I think sometimes we all feel like adorning ourselves to add that extra layer to our character. That layer which subconsciously boosts our confidence. It’s simply about making the best of ourselves.

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Portrait De L’HOMME

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Portrait De L’HOMME

A destination where personality and a sense of fashion bond over a negroni. Often, but not always, centered around a specific individual’s journey of style and taste. All to remind that paying a bit of respect to your appearance pays off in regards to your confidence and how your surrounding environment perceives you.

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