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Not a fan of this fanny pack!

Virgil Abloh designs ‘SUITCASE’ for Rimowa

virgil-abloh-rimowa-01The hypeking Virgil Abloh is active again with a brand new Off-White collaboration. This time team Abloh is hooking up with luxury suitcase manufacturer Rimowa. The collaborative suitcase goes under the very Off-White like and slightly ironic title ‘SUITCASE’ (can only be seen from the bag with the handle raised). This collaboration brings Abloh’s see thru and deconstructed aesthetics to the realm of luggage. In fact, the entire suitcase is see thru. So if you’re considering bringing some snuff with you, you better use the inside bags labeled ‘miscellaneous’. Further, Abloh apparently stated that “…you become a performance art piece just by using the thing. It’s like putting your items on display and rethinking the premise of a product.”. The piece is according to Business of Fashion to premiere at Off-White’s menswear show during Paris Fashion Week Mens.

800x-1 https-hypebeast-com-image-2018-06-off-white-rimowa-rethought-product-line-launch-virgil-abloh-essential-amenity-kit-004 https-hypebeast-com-image-2018-06-off-white-rimowa-rethought-product-line-launch-virgil-abloh-essential-open-002virgil-abloh-at-rimowa-7-2

Career wise Virgil Abloh has the time of his life. Beside running his highly hyped Haute Streetwear label Off-White, he has also landed the position as creative director of Louis Vuitton Homme, as well as numerous design collaborations with brands such as Moncler, Nike and Ikea.


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Not a fan of this fanny pack!