What to wear with a camel coat?

Have you ever wondered what to wear with a camel coat? Maybe you’ve just set eyes on a gorgeous camel coat, or if you already have one, but just aren’t sure what to  wear with it? Well then I’ve here gathered a few options for you. They’re all more or less grounded in the classic male wardrobe, but to be fair, the options are countless. As long as the look is thought through, then the sky is your limit.

Classic Dandy

The most obvious way to style camel coat is to style it in a classic dandy manner. This means drawing on the very conventional menswear. This styling could involve a suit, a popping silk- wool- or knit tie underneath and a few accessories to add a bit of glam.

Casual Elegance

While still relying on clean cuts, this one is a bit more of for interpretation. What I would recommend is a fitted knit jumper (for example a cable knit), a pair of wool or flannel trousers, and lastly either a pair of cool Chelsea boots like these R.M. Williams boots (that I absolutely love!), a pair of neat brogues or a pair of very clean minimalistic sneakers – like these (affiliate)


Slap on your favourite pair of fitted jeans, a clean hoodie – possibly with a shirt underneath – and then a pair of boots or a pair of white kicks. Can’t really imagine the look with the shirt underneath, then check out outfit no. 2 in this video. You still want the look come across as quite clean, as the camel coat is loaded with class – and you want to underline that.

What I am wearing

While this outfit relies mainly on classic menswear pieces then I’ve used the silk scarf is used as a substitute for a tie. I think it adds a quite cool romantic layered effect. It’s a little different than the usual kind of dapper look, but sometimes breaking just a little with the conventional can be a very beneficial. And then I’m just all crazy about those silk scarf looks.

grafik-2 grafik-1 r-m-williams-4r-m-williams-boots1

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