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Trend or no trend, I really like to wear workwear. I like the heritage, the sturdiness and the practicality. For those who’s unfamiliar to the topic workwear then it’s pretty simple. Clothing that is durable enough conduct physical work. Think brands like Levi’s, Carhartt and Dickies. And when it comes to fabrics think sturdy materials such as denim and sturdy cotton twill.

I’m not personally the greater physical craftsman myself, so my everyday life don’t require the sturdy fabrics. It does however feel great to wear something that you know is very durable! That of course affects what pieces that I like to incorporate in my wardrobe. As I don’t need countless utility pockets during the day, but rather want to look somewhat elegant or lets say chic, then I try to find the perfect balance between sturdiness and clean pieces.

wear workwear wear workwear

Like so many other things, then letting yourself inspire is a great thing. Instead of opting for lets say a full on workwear look, then incorporating nuances of the topic allows you to actually wear workwear for work. Sometimes a denim dress shirt and a pair of neat lace boots work perfectly with a pair of flannel dress pants – and voilaworkwear look that you can wear at the office! You don’t need to look like a lumber jack, to obtain that workwear vibe.

wear workwear wear workwear

Personally my favourite workwear pieces are denim shirts, denim jackets, utility jackets, sturdy chinos, and lace up boots. Just the boots alone have substantial influence – especially now that the common go-to shoe is a pair of sneakers. And actually, when it comes to boots, after purchasing the particular boots that I wear in the pictures I have a little anecdote. They were standing in the hallway of my in laws. So when Astrid’s father came home he asked who was wearing those farmer boots. I think it’s a very good point of how easily you make those associations, meaning that it doesn’t take much to achieve those associations when you wear workwear.

wear workwear

Another quite fun association that I personally have when it comes to workwear is that it is somehow related to that whole NYC urban vibe. Idk why, but to me those two seem somewhat connected.

wear workwear

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