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Wear your t-shirt in style

t-shirt in style

Hey there!

One would believe that t-shirts belong to your casual sunday attire. But there are numerous reasons to why you should allow your self to wear a t-shirt in your everyday. The key is to wear your t-shirt in style. Not just to wear it with your favourite pair of jeans – though it may look good, it may not necessarily grant you the respect that you deserve.

What we need to consider is that the t-shirt is the least formal wear for your upper body – besides the tanktop (but C’mon!). The trick is then wear it with something that states otherwise. In this case tuck in the t-shirt in a pair of very stylish wool trousers. These days the wool trousers really seems to be my quick fix for any wardrobe malfunction! But the truth is, that they are incredible versatile, and look so damn good!

Of course there are limits to what kind of t-shirt you’ll be able to wear with this outfit. Obviously the plain t-shirt works great, but a subtle print may work out as well.

Once you’ve got the t-shirt/trouser look going you can begin to play around with the rest of the styling. Personally I went with the rocker-in-style kinda look. which means biker boots and a leather jacket. That’s also the reason that I went with a slight cuff on the trousers, as this kind of look allows some ruggedness!

The trousers are shopped in H&M not long ago, so if you’re lucky you should be able to pick up a pair yourself. Otherwise I have a listed some alternatives below.

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Prices: Heart and dagger 450 DKK/ Sisley 799DKK / Won Hundred 1095 DKK


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Prices: Damir Doma 1195 DKK / Diesel 499 DKK / Levi’s 149 DKK


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Prices: Walk London Liverpool 1000 DKK / Melvin & Hamilton 1485 DKK / ASOS 650 DKK




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