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Well I orginally already created this post, but due to the transfer and lack of backing up (yeah, never gonna forget that again), the post unfortunately got lost. I hope that you’ll enjoy it just a second time… 😉

How do you feel about a funny tie? I wasn’t to keen on it either. But some things just require a little push, and then you may end enjoying it right away. This is one of those times… I’ve experienced that there are primarily two things that you have to be concerned about when wearing a funny tie.

  1. What kind of funny tie are you going to wear, and
  2. What you wear this tie with?

Let’s address the first thing first. What kind of funny tie are you going to wear, may seem like an odd question, as you’ve already decided on the funny tie. But there is a line between the subtle fun tie, like the one I wear, and the sparkling Spongebob Squarepants tie, that you wonder why is even produced. A line you should be careful not ever to cross! What I like about this particular tie is that, from the distance, the tie just looks like a regular tie, with a white/green motif on it. It’s first when you get rather close, that you realize, that I’m wearing a funny tie.

The next that I want to address is the styling. What you are wearing a funny tie with, is crucial to whether you are going to pull it off or not. For example a bright red suit, with a funny tie make you look you came straight from an 80’s carnival. Almost like a caricature of yourself. Where as if you to wear it a suit too dull it will make you seem as if you have no idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. I’ve found, that when wearing a funny tie, an outfit with roots in classic menswear works the best. I found that a focus on some kind of classic formal wear (keeping away from an actual suit though), allows you to dress up with a tie, without it being too formal. Because even though a tie is a formal wear, you should allow your self the opportunity to wear it once in a while – even in your everyday life. As I rely sort of on classic trousers, blazer and trench, I freshen it a bit up by a modern approach to the shoes and accessories. Especially the sunglasses make a huge difference to the look. They add a bit of futuristic edge, and take the chicness of the look up just a notch.

So when should you be wearing a funny tie? What is so great about the funny tie look, is that you’re able to use it actually rather often. You’re able to pull it off at the office, a family dinner, a night out and maybe a date (make sure that you know that the girl will actually be amused by this!)? The opportunities are plenty. Personally I like it especially for office wear, as it put a smile on the lips of your colleagues. Just make sure not to wear it the day that you’re going to do that big pitch of yours, presenting your new idea to the boss – unless that new idea is about funny ties… 😉


Hope that you enjoyed it – See you next time!
Best regards



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