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Wearing Dior x Toru Kamei


I’ll make this very clear from the beginning: I’m a huge fan of Dior. It sounds a little vulgar and pretentious, but I really believe that this super expensive cornerstone of the fashion industry has something unique to offer. No matter if it is extravagant show pieces or basics, then it is just always classy, laid back and a dark yet very clean aesthetic sense. Even when it comes to their more contemporary show pieces.

For the Dior Homme SS17 collection Kris Van Assche (creative director) collaborated with the Japanese artist Toru Makei for a series of pieces. Makei delivered artwork that was then used as prints, patches and badges across the collection. The artwork was even used as a ss17 signature that can be seen on wallets, shoes, bags, belts and obviously clothing.

I’ve been all psyched about this Dior x Toru Kamei collection since the very first drop of small leather goods. I really think that the gothic Vanitas inspired artwork is truly beyond this world! So when this printed sweatshirt (a key item in any man’s wardrobe) dropped I really couldn’t help myself. I had to have it.

For styling I went very much toned down. I wanted the print to pop out, so I paired the sweat with the skinny black jeans from Minimum. This creates one big coherent black surface, that allows the print to stand out beautifully.


I shopped the sweatshirt at Birger Christensen (Copenhagen) where I work. It seems that this exact sweatshirt is not to be found at any ecommerce sites, but I can only encourage people to drop by Birger Christensen.

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