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Wearing a PJ in the City

Over the last couple of seasons the pyjamas have been much more than just something you wear when you’re sleeping. This was for example manifested by the PJ that was part of the H&M x Erdem collection back in the fall, and on countless runways. Latest on the Dolce & Gabbana SS19 runway. While a PJ can indeed be very chic, it also is incredible comfortable. Even more, it looks very comfortable. It is therefore, a great option for a cozy Sunday, but maybe you should reconsider wearing a full PJ to the office.

The pyjamas that I’m wearing is from Danish Ambassador 1867, and works so well for the summer heat. Wear it as a two piece  for a cool coherent look or split it and you’ll have a ton of different options. The shirt alone works both over a t-shirt or beneath a blazer, where as these shorts or wonderfully breezy, as opposed to the tight denim shorts. 

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Pyjamas here // Similar sunglasses here // Similar shoes

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