Are you a weather optimist as well?

weather optimist

One of the many wonderful things about the spring is that we strip back on all of those black layers, and opt for a bright visual statement. It’s enough with all that black (which there is nothing wrong with). In particular Danes has a tendency to be a little more weather optimistic than what should be deemed appropriate. Probably some of those viking genetics 😉 But I won’t lie, I for one am one a weather optimist.

Here is how it goes when the sun finally peaks forward: We’d kick our knitwear back in the closet and run out, wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses.  And it feels good! But not for long. The cold soon catches on and we seek to the nearest coffee house to sip our favourite latte and get warm. Because even tho the sun is out being beautiful and everything, then it is still cold a.f.! But then again, damn it felt good for a moment!

I really don’t blame people for wanting to dress like this. Honestly, our Instagram feed is filled with nothing but the jet stream of Coachella and other exotic travels. So obviously people want to dress a little more summer alike!  However, putting on a coat doesn’t hurt. Just pick a brighter color that is coordinated with the rest of the outfit. And voila, the outfit still makes sense!

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